Our observation

Today, it is with great regret that our youth, who have recently come from Africa and who represent our future, the assurance of a strong, and hardworking and prosperous family (nation), indulges in drugs, smoking and ‘Alcoholism that leading them to juvenile delinquency, thus destroying their future and eventually destroying themselves and losing their lives. All this for lack of training and information about these vices that undermine our society.

Many young people, instead of maximizing they are full potential positively, our youth easily get lost stray from what we call preparing for their future without really weighing the magnitude, and the consequences of their actions.

Facing such state of matters, we realized it was urgent to create this youth movement to make young people aware of the harmful effects of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.

Our Vision

As a result of the observation and this analysis, our Community would like to contribute to meeting the needs of the youth while playing its part in the organization of the 1st edition of the Bible camp at the place of the youth. This Bible camp will give us an opportunity to inform and train our Youth. Also moments of spiritual relaxation, an opportunity to give and receive in a much more spiritual way ready to receive and to learn.

Notre Mission/ Our Mission

To this and, this project shows the goodwill of the Alpha Omega Worship Church to ensure the mission of educators trough the Bible Camp, thus creating this crucible of sharing information and training on the plagues of Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking that we owe to our youth left behind and doomed to ruin and destruction.

Objectives of the Bible camp

To make them all:

Youth without drugs, alcohol or tobacco. In short, A youth for Christ.

So, this youth Bible camp project will help create a niche for the exchange, sharing, training and information of young people. All this for a specific purpose of:

  • Evaluating and developing the culture of fraternal communion within YOUTH;
  • Make the organization of the Biblical Camp sustainable for the well-being of future generations;
  • To win all the youth for Christ by delivering them from the spirit of DRUGS, alcoholism and Smoking.
  • To bring us slowly but surely to an awareness of the MANAGEMENT OF OUR LIFE as a young Christian.

The target of the project.

The action is reaching out to young people in general.

Description of the Project.

Starting from the principle that the future of a family (nation) rests on a quality takeover that the youth must provide, it is up to us (obligation of common sense) to create conditions favorable to their full balance, guaranteeing a conducive atmosphere to their educational, physical, spiritual and moral growth.

We are therefore launching this 1st edition of the Grand Youth Bible camp through which we hope to channel the development of our young people while ensuring the quality of this development.

Date and Location

October 2nd 2021 

Indiana Beach

5224 E Indiana Beach Rd, Monticello, IN 47960


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