We make our worship truly lead us into the presence of God to praise, worship and serve Him.  Our worship is not to amuse people, but to bring to God. We do not want the faithful to be interesting but passionate about God.  The moment of our worship is not to spend a pleasant moment, but a time of worship. We must not say much, but take people with us to “go beyond the veil” by the new path that Jesus inaugurated by his sacrifice.  Our assessment is to ask ourselves if we have been in the presence of God.  Our risk is to be religious instead of spiritual, present a show instead of celebrating a cult. All is permitted to me, but all is not useful or edifying.

We do know, however, that during worship

1) Those who have no goal are sure to reach it!

2) those who have an erroneous goal are pretty sure of never arrive.

3) Those who pursue the highest goal are sure not to never be enough to the task.

But through their weakness, God likes to manifest himself. His Spirit will make up for their inadequacy. 

Thus, no automatism will produce the desired effect. The freest presidency can be a catastrophe and the most liturgical presidency can bring us to touch the Divine reality. And conversely … We will therefore remain humble, dependent and discreet. We seek to serve God in our worship life. We seek the glory of God in all the time of worship: “He must become greater and greater, and we become smaller and smaller” in our worship. (John 3.30)

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