We are aware that refugees and immigrants face stressors and great obstacles to overcome, such as inability to access employment, which leads to financial hardship and lack of affordable housing.

As a church run by refugees and immigrants, Alpha Omega Worship Church steps in to provide several services.

Our team of qualified professionals offers the following services to refugees and immigrants:

  1. Help Refugees gain access to employment

Not having the means of transport, we accompany them from one employment agency to another and apply the work because many cannot read or write English.

  1. We transport the Shelters to the workplace on a daily basis.
  2. We transport with our own means of transport the shelters to the medical appointment in the hospitals.
  3. We transport the shelters to the market for their weekly supply.
  4. Translation of various letters and documents
  5. Interpretation at the BMV to obtain a learner Permit
  6. Learn to drive the road until obtaining a Driver’s License.
  7. Application for housing, Food stamps
  8. Education & Training
  9. English Round Table every Sunday after worship. (ESL)
  10. Cultural orientation

In the future, we intend to manage the employment opportunities initiative program, which is a job retention program to facilitate the integration of refugees and immigrants into the labor market.

All of our success stories can be found on our site …

I would like to invite everyone to team up with us to help make a difference.

Join Us, Let us make a difference in our community